Frequently Asked Questions

Simply register with your user name, email and password and you can start playing right away! We will give you free spins regularly and we will never ask for any deposit!

We accept players from all countries! However, make sure you accept our Terms and Conditions before creating an account.

One person can have one account on POP Spins.

Use your spins to play the slots and each time you hit a winning combination you will get the winnings added to your balance! Sometimes you can also get an additional game or win more spins.

No, the balance always increases! Only spins are deducted every time you play. You can also use your spins in other games to win even more, but there is a risk of losing them. However, your main balance stays untouched.

Additional spins are generated every hour. Just click "Claim" under the slots and continue playing! To get spins even faster, invite your friends. This way you will increase your level and your hourly refill rate. Check out other options as well: our offers, miner and additional games. They all can help you get tons of spins!

Higher level means more free spins for you every hour. You can increase the level by inviting your friends.

No, you can invite as many users as you want! The more - the better! Just make sure you use ethical methods. We also track fake registrations and remove such users.

We only count unique visits. If the person has already visited the website or has an account here, you will not be credited. Also, make sure the visitors click the "Claim now" button on the landing page. You can see all recorded actions on your "Invites" page when you log in.

Level only increases when your invited users confirm their email addresses in the account settings. As soon as they do so, you will see a new "Confirmed" registration in the list and it will be counted towards your next level goal.

When you reach the minimum payment threshold you will be able to use the winnings on website features.

POP Spins is based on sharing our advertisement profits with our users. The more ads you see, the higher the chances of winning are! In fact, disabling your AdBlock for is highly recommended if you want to win more often!

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